Data, Models and Interactive Figures from Articles

Example web apps and videos of web-based AR for molecular modeling in PeerJ Comp Sci 2019

CASP13 paper on assessment of topology predictions, Proteins 2019

Descriptor fits for >500 globular enzymes from Molecular Biology and Evolution 2019

CASP12 papers on definition and classification of evaluation units and assessment of topology predictions, both in Proteins 2018

Links and JavaScript examples from Informatics 2017 and Trends in Biotechnology 2017

Interactive Figure 2 from Accounts of Chemical Research 2017

Interactive Figure 2 from Biophysical Journal 2016

Webserver from BMC Bioinformatics 2016

Linked figure and code from Briefings in Bioinformatics 2016

For interactive and downloadable 3D models see my Gallery of Biomolecular Models

Spreadsheet program for analysis of protein circular dichroism data, from Journal of Chemical Education 2011 (online version available here)