MultiProtScale: ProtScale on multiple sequences, even on an alignment

This tool converts protein sequences into vectors of amino acid descriptors, returning also per-site average and standard deviation and a histogram of the total descriptor added up throughout all sequences. Part of the output is given as interactive plots. It is inspired by (and is actually an extension of) ProtScale and is written entirely in JavaScript.

Paste your sequences or alignment below, select an amino acid descriptor and click Run.

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Get alignments from EVFold or Gremlin, sites which
also compute consistency with structures. Other tools here

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Molar weight (g/mol)
Number of codons in standard code
Typical charge in side chain
% composition of UniProt

Hydrophobicity by Kyte and Doolittle
Polarity (Simha)
Polarity (Grantham)
TM tendency
Molar fraction buried resiudes
Molar fraction exposed residues
Recognition factors

Chou-Fasman's alpha helix propensity
Chou-Fasman's beta sheet propensity
Chou-Fasman's beta turn propensity
Chou-Fasman's helix/sheet ratio
Conformational parameter for coil
Average flexibility index

(List from PsychoProt)
Volume Log(solubility)
Hydrophobicyty Isoelectric Point
P(helix) Steric hindrance
Flexibility P(helix)+P(sheet)
Log(decay rate) Cost (ATP units)

This output table contains the raw data transformed to numbers (three asterisks are used for positions with unidentified amino acids, such as gaps), followed by the averages per sites (only if the sequences make up an alignment with all of them having the same number of residues), a 3-residue running average, and the sum of the descriptor throughout each protein sequence.
You can copy this data by selecting and hitting ctrl+c. Scroll down for built-in visualization.