Fit and Simulate Far-UV Protein Circular Dichorism spectra

A HTML/JavaScript tool to fit and simulate circular dichroism spectra of proteins.

If you use this program in your research please cite my JCE 2011 article

Step 1: To fit an experimental spectrum, paste data in text format here

(If no experimental data are given, only simulations of CD spectra are possible)

Load from file:

Sample data sets:

Step 2:

Notes: Secondary structure contents from CD fits might have 10-20 % error, e.g. a result of 60% content for some secondary structure could mean it is actually in the range from 40 to 80%; and a value in the range from 0 to 20% could well be just total lack of the secondary structure.
This tool is based on multilinear regression to reference spectra as explained here but with javascript-only code (original MS Excel version from the article here)
See the fitting problem as a 4x4 system of equations

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